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Cienfue Defines ‘Tropical Psychedelic’

Ever have trouble searching for a unique genre because you’re not exactly sure what to call it? Next time, try ‘Psicodelia Tropical’, and don’t be surprised when you see the name Cienfue.

Visual artist & cultural polymath Cienfue seamlessly fuses elements of electronic and rock with his Afro-Latin, Panamanian inspired beats to create what he calls ‘Psicodelia Tropical’ (‘Tropical Psychedelic’ in English). With a history spanning over ten years of securing several spots in the charts across Latin America, France, Germany, and even Belgium, it’s no surprise that Cienfue’s infectious music continues to sweep the globe. Since 2009, he has toured across several continents and developed a massive fan base in some of the world’s largest cities.

Growing up in Panama, Cienfue was captivated by MTV. He began mastering several instruments before turning to his Mac computer, creating musical compositions in his free time. In 2005, the artist finished & released El Disco Es Cultura, his first album, and created music videos for two of the album’s tracks. Cienfue’s music quickly gained the support of fans at Latin MTV and Rolling Stone – and for two years, his music videos sat among the top ten most requested videos on MTV. 

Today, Cienfue continues to define Tropical Psychedelic, touring the globe and headlining various music festivals. He has even released a twelve track album in English, which pays homage to his life in Panama and his love for surfing.

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