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Monthly News

August Edition

New Artists

As always, our A&R team has been signing brand new artists. We are excited to welcome them on board and eager to show their music to the world.

Fresh Placements

Meanwhile, our Production team worked tirelessly all month to place our wonderful artists with these leading brands:

Natural Light Vodka
“Satisfied” by MAAD

New Balance Women
“Focused” by Charlie Curtis-Beard

Google Pixel 5a
“Dame Agua” by Captain Planet

“I’mma Get Mine” by Chuxx Morris

Google Pixel 5a
“Me Gusta” by Bonf1r3

New Balance
“Brap” by Dave Shanaé

USA Basketball
“???” by Pink Slip

“Drums Of War” by Easy McCoy

“Sure Feels Good Don’t It” by Future Royalty

Congratulations to these rockstar artists and all of their hard work!

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