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How SoStereo & Real Artists Crafted the Vibrant Soundtrack for Samsung’s ‘Emily in Paris’ Collaboration


SoStereo recently embarked on a collaborative adventure with Ogilvy NY, creating a music-infused campaign featuring Samsung and the widely admired TV series, Emily in Paris. With shared enthusiasm and a deep commitment to musical storytelling, our team embraced the challenge, aiming to contribute meaningfully to the campaign’s success.

The Creative Challenge:

The creative minds at Ogilvy were in search of a musical backdrop for a long-form video, one that would authentically reflect the personalities of Luc and Julien, two prominent characters from Emily in Paris. The team weighed various options, from selecting a single track, combining two songs, to exploring original compositions. This intricate task required a thoughtful approach, and SoStereo was prepared to rise to the occasion.

The Musical Journey:

Diving into our rich music catalogue, our creative team meticulously searched for genres and vibes that aligned with each character’s unique personality. This led to the creation of tailored playlists for Luc and Julien, culminating in the selection of “Good Times” by La Felix, a New Zealand-based pop and funk artist, and “A Spring in Your Step” by Marco Tiso, an Italian artist known for his Bossa Nova flair. To achieve musical harmony, we collaborated with La Felix to fine-tune “Good Times,” ensuring a flawless integration with “A Spring in Your Step.” The end result is showcased here for your viewing pleasure: HERE!

A Distinctive Approach: Utilizing Real Artists

What sets this campaign apart is our ability to infuse the project with real, talented artists instead of opting for an original composition. This choice brought a distinctive and genuine feel to the campaign, allowing the musical pieces to resonate more deeply with the audience and adding a layer of authenticity to the characters’ portrayal. It also allowed for faster turnaround and execution of the campaign to be within the client’s budget.

Beyond the Video: Diving into Social Spots

The project expanded beyond the confines of the long-form video, as our team embraced the challenge of curating seven unique music pulls for the social spots—one for each day of the week, plus two festive additions for the holiday season. The aim was to translate the characters’ vibrant personalities into musical language, while creating a distinctively Parisian musical backdrop. This had SoStereo navigating through styles like Bossa Nova, 80’s Pop, and 50’s High Life. The final mix featured a total of nine SoStereo artists from various countries, showcasing our global reach.

A Global Collaboration: United by Music

This project required more than just curating playlists; it necessitated a coordinated effort across time zones—from South Korea and California to New Zealand and New York. Our team’s unwavering dedication ensured every aspect of the project received the attention it deserved, resulting in a successful and harmonious outcome.

Conclusion: A Celebration of Music and Collaboration

As we reflect on this collaborative journey, SoStereo is filled with a sense of achievement and appreciation. This campaign was a testament to our ability to bring characters to life through the power of music, showcasing our commitment to providing real artists for unique storytelling. We are excited for future opportunities to contribute our musical expertise to creative endeavors, continuing to bridge the gap between artists and the world of advertising.

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