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Curated music solutions with award-winning artists for brands, agencies, films and more.

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Authentic music breaks through

15K artists making their music accessible for licensing, customization or original composition.


Needed the music yesterday?

Search yourself, or have our in-house creative team curate complimentary music pulls in a flash.


Stress less

From One-Stop artist songs, to high E&O insurance, we take care of the back-end so you can let your creativity flow.

Our Services

Providing your one-stop music solution

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Music Search

Complimentary pulls from thousands of record-label artists

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Custom Music

By award-winning artists and composers

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Music Supervision and Clearance

Providing access to major artists and music outside of the SoStereo catalog

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StereoBrands Enterprise Solution

Record-label music at scale

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Additional Services

Song customizations

Sound FX

Music consulting

Sonic analysis