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2 minutes with Jenn: SoStereo’s A&R Coordinator

How did you come to work at SoStereo:

Owen our SVP of A&R brought me in. I used to work the door at Avalon nightclub & we got to chatting about our love for music. One day he called me up and told me I’d be the perfect person for this job!

What do you enjoy about working here:

I love seeing the final commercial, that it’s a product of our music. Knowing we’ve worked in the background & been a huge part of it.

What’s your main strength:

Following through on what I need to do.

A recent project SoStereo has done that you’re proud of: 

I loved Taco Bell & New Balance 

What have you been doing in your spare time: 

Lately I’ve been rollerskating. Meeting up with friends on a Friday night with speakers & just skating!

One thing that makes you happy:

My Yorkshire Terrier Lola @lola_teeny_tiny_tidal_wave 

Tell us something about you that we don’t know:

I love running the LA marathon, it will be my 6th one this year.

What’s the soundtrack to your life:

Aphex Twin – Xtal

– – –

It is because of people like Jenn with a love for music, that makes being part of the SoStereo team so worthwhile.

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