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Behind The Stereo with Kallitechnis

You don’t have to be perfect throughout your journey, so being able to show up in a vulnerable way that is forgiving. 

Hey, this is Kallitechnis and you’re watching Behind The Stereo. 

Can you explain the meaning of your favorite phrase, “Soul over ego”?

“Soul over ego” is a mantra that came into my life, and it’s this compass I use when I’m feeling like I’m leaning too much into my ego. And what it is, is a reminder that my soul’s needs will always outweigh my ego’s wants.

In terms of cultivating my inner peace and just feeling chill and not caught up there.

What would be your biggest dream as an artist?

To inspire people through my art. For people to see, see themselves in my journey, see themselves in the lyrics that I write, see themselves in the vulnerability that I express. I just, yeah, I want to make people feel good. That’s really what the dream is for me.

If you could associate your music with a color, what would it be? 

I wouldn’t be able to. It’s just multicolored. That’s what it is. And that’s what I used to inspire my choices and the way that I show up in music. I just try to be as colorful as possible so I can tap into all the nuances and all of my emotions and in my human experiences.

How did you first get into music, and what inspired you to become an independent artist?

What got me into music essentially, was just finally acknowledging this part of myself that couldn’t be dormant any longer and what that really means is that I’ve always been in music, but anyway, music was just always something that was extracurricular, just a passion. And in 2015, when I met my manager, Jared McKenzie, he was the first person to just see the artist in me. I didn’t need him to see it in me, but I needed him to remind me that I just had this thing that I needed to entertain. 

Describe a perfect plan for Kallitechnis!

I don’t really like to plan. I think a perfect plan is to always be open to change.

How did you come about your artistic name? 

I just thought it was cool to have a term that is all-encompassing. It’s not just me. I thought that it would be cool to have a term that anybody can see themselves in because it is not an identity just linked to me. So, Kallitechnis means master of craft, and it’s also an allusion to my ethnicity because I am Greek. 

What are the 3 main characteristics that an artist should have to be successful?

You need to love yourself, I think that is the only way any career can be sustainable that you need to be able to let go. And that doesn’t mean not valuing what your vision is, but you need to be able to not expect things to go the way you plan. Thirdly, I think humility is a characteristic that a successful artist needs to have because you need to know that you don’t have to be perfect throughout your journey.

So being able to show up in a vulnerable way, in an authentic way, in an honest way, that is forgiving and means you will carry yourself with grace even though you might look silly at times, I think having that humility just means you’re always yourself and you’re not compromising your authenticity for anything.

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