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Behind The Stereo with Dj Moiz

Hi, this is Dj Moiz, and this is Behind The Stereo.  

You are an artist from Italy, if a tourist visits your country, what are the 3 places they must see?

Of course Rome is the most wonderful, but also Naples, Milan, and South Italy.

What is the most enjoyable part of being an independent artist?

Of course have the freedom to do in generally what you like. 

Tell us how your music career started and why?

I started playing trumpet at the age of 14, but starting in 16- 17 I bought some DJ equipment because I like it so much to see other people DJ-ing.

If you didn’t pursue a career in music, what other path do you think you would have taken?

I maybe will own a pizza shop right now

Name 3 hobbies you have apart from music?

I really like to travel, so this is one of my favorites. Take a fly and see new places. I will take pics and videos from the place, we love it. And of course eat and cook since I’m italian.

What does your artistic name ‘Dj Moiz’ mean?

“Moiz” is the french word for “me”. When I was writer, I was doing graffiti, my tag was “Moiz”

What aspects of being a SoStereo artist do you find most rewarding and enjoyable?

You can be recognized on movies and big brands’ spots and content, so I will love listening to my music on.

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