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Behind The Stereo with Em Rossi

Hi, I’m Em Rossi, and this is Behind The Stereo. 

One of your songs is called “Boys will be boys” What gives this song its name?

I wrote Boys will be boys when I was still in high school. So boys, that’s what gives the song the same.

If you had to escape to a happy place, what would it be?

First one would be being out at a beach cottage in the middle of nowhere in Northern California. And the second one would be exploring New York City and just roaming around, going to restaurants, having fun, sitting in the park with friends and family. 

Try to describe your music in 3 feelings.

Persevering, reflecting and rising. 

What is your favorite movie? 

It would have to be just like the entire Harry Potter series. I know that’s a very basic answer, but that was pretty much my childhood. It was like every Christmas break, just like wrapping myself up in a blanket and marathoning every single movie with a cup of tea.

Can you share a funny or emotional story or experience from your time as an independent artist? 

One memory that always sticks into the back of my mind is actually when I sang in front of the biggest crowd I’ve ever sung in front of. Before it was 30,000 people. I was singing the national anthem for the Chargers opening season game, and it didn’t even matter that I wasn’t singing my own song. Just the energy of singing in an arena is very unmatched. It’s just adrenaline.

What is your favorite part of being a SoStereo artist? 

I think it’s always exciting to know that songs that you released have the chance to be shared and given a new life within a space that you didn’t originally release it or share it into. So watching other people take your music and put it into something else is always really exciting.

What has been your favorite placement with SoStereo? 

My song “Feels so Right” has been featured in a Google ad for the last couple of years, and I think that’s just always so crazy and cool when you can see your song being used on such a large platform. So definitely that one.

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