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Behind The Stereo with SIAS

Hi, we are SIAS and this is Behind The Stereo.

How was the group created?

The adventures have been incredible since after high school we’ve known each other for a long time, so there is a lot of chemistry personally and then also through the music. So it’s cool to be doing it together, and it’s cool that it’s been together for so long.

One of your songs is called ‘Aliens,’ what would be your reaction if you came face to face with one?

If I came face to face, I’d be freaked out. I’d be really scared, but also exited and curious. But it really depends how they look. If they look scary, I’m going to be scared. If they look cute…

What is the most fun and what is the most challenging part of being a group?

Doing what you love doing with your partner, you know that’s huge. You know it can also be challenging. Like, how do you split up? You know, your personal life and your relationship from music and from business.

The member of the group that is more…

Creative… R/Haley




What aspects of being a SoStereo artist do you find most rewarding and enjoyable?

The people at SoStereo, everyone is so supportive, responsive and kind. Knowing that our music is in the right hands, and they are looking out for us.

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