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SoStereo Wins Clio Awards 2020/2021

We are thrilled to announce our work with Droga5 x Hennessey “Maurice and the Black Bear School” won 5 awards at the 2020/2021 Clio Awards.

Honoring excellence in advertising, the Clio Awards celebrates bold and revolutionary work pushing the industry forward. Inspiring a competitive arena for innovative achievements, and fostering meaningful connections within the creative community.

“Maurice and the Black Bear School”
Hennessy x Droga5 New York

Silver – Film Craft / Use of Music in Film/Video 
Silver – Film Craft / Editing 
Bronze – Film Craft / Copywriting 
Bronze – Film Craft / Direction
Shortlist – Film Craft / 61 Seconds to Five Minutes
Shortlist – Film Craft / Sound Design

This segment of Hennessy’s Wild Rabbit campaign features Maurice Ashley, the world’s first Black chess grandmaster. The film explores Ashley’s journey from rookie to grandmaster, and the skills he honed in the Black Bear School of Chess. Ashley shares his hopes and plans for the future of chess and expresses his goals of mentoring the younger generations within the world of chess.

Song Credits: Ivy Sole Lovely Fiction, Mister T. Sibling, Sweatshop DRUG (Instrumental)

Congratulations to all who contributed to this immensely motivating film and a huge thanks to Maurice Ashley for being such an inspiration!

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