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What About The Music Podcast Back with Season 4

(photo by Corrado Amenta / onkei featuring Frank Garcia (left) and Beto Azout (right)

What About The Music returns for a forth season, continuing its mission of empowering brands, agencies and creators to unlock their creative potential through the power of music. In our premiere episode, we chat with Frank Garcia – Executive Creative Director at Golin. Frank dives into his journey of blending music and advertising, importance of supportive mentors, and the need for authenticity in music.

Sharing his influences, Frank recounts quirky MTV commercials as the catalyst for his early interest in the field. Despite a detour into banking, Frank’s passion for creativity never waned. He shares how his time as VP of Marketing allowed him to contribute his own ideas in meetings with ad agencies, showcasing his inherent drive to innovate. His storytelling is peppered with humor, including how he strategically chose the Art Direction track at Miami Ad School because it sounded more impressive to his parents.

Frank emphasizes the importance of finding a champion who believes in your ideas. He reflects on the transition from wanting to impose his musical tastes on ads to understanding the necessity of aligning with the preferences of your target audience, a shift that highlights his growth in the industry.

The conversation also addresses the practical aspects of integrating music into advertising. Frank discusses the challenges of vague music briefs and the importance of clear, specific communication about musical needs. He underscores the value of working with real musicians to create authentic and original tracks, as opposed to relying on stock music.

Frank’s journey, filled with insights into the creative process, the evolution of his approach to music in advertising, and the enduring power of collaboration and belief in one’s vision. Check out Season 4 Episode 1 of What About The Music below.

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