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Monthly News

June Edition

New Artists

Our A&R team was busy signing a strong group of artists, including Eyes on the shore, Pixel Grip, Maya Isac, Bad Cameo, The BGP, DiRTY RADiO, and more. We can’t wait to sync em’ up!

Fresh Placements

SoStereo’s Creative team worked tirelessly and placed the following artists with some incredible brands:

Ralph Lauren
“Faces” by Mila Jam

“Courage” by Steven Mudd
Michelob Ultra
“Champion” by Tyrone Briggs
“Look at Me Now” by Shaun Jacobs
Taco Bell
“Shining in the Dark” by Cienfue
Polo Ralph Lauren
“Second Chances” by Mild West
“So Good” by Leslie Wai
New Balance Hoops
“Can’t Hold Me Down – Instrumental” by Orrone Nwaneri
“Bounce Yo Booty” by Nic Hanson
Ralph Lauren
“Everywhere We Go” by YONAS
Ralph Lauren
“Dancin’ & Movin’ (All Night)” by SoulChef

Congratulations to these rockstar artists and all of their hard work!

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