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Monthly News

May Edition

New Artists

Our A&R team was busy signing a strong group of artists, including Marina Lin, Killabeatmaker, Roger Jaeger, Bellaire, Ro Joaquim, AARYS, and more. We are ecstatic to welcome them on board and eager to help bring their music to the world.

Fresh Placements

Meanwhile, SoStereo’s Creative team worked tirelessly all month and placed the following artists with some very epic brands:


Ralph Lauren
“Color” by Mark Borino

Victoria’s Secret
“Dulce” by Pink Slip

“Love/Drugs” by Strange Familia

“Yo Tampoco” by Salomon Beda

“Lovely” by Ivy Sole

QLD Rugby League
“Leave a Legacy” by Kairo

Congratulations to these rockstar artists and all of their hard work!

We are preparing for June, with so much coming down the pike. Stay tuned for more incredible music, original artists, and prominent placements!

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