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SoStereo Launches Season 3 of ‘What About The Music’ Podcast

SoStereo’s mission is to enable video creators to unlock the power of music – and our podcast does just that. In this intimate guest speaker series, executives from the advertising & marketing industries share unparalleled access to music stories in the ad world you’ve never heard before.

On July 13th, Season 3 of ‘What About The Music’ will return! This season, SoStereo Co-Founder Beto Azout speaks with various top industry professionals to continue unlocking the power of music.

Guests will include Ola Sars – Founder, CEO & Chairman of Soundtrack Your Brand, Bernice Chao – Head of Integrated Creative at Zambezi, and Jon Drawbaugh – Head of Production at Argonaut, amongst many other leading industry executives.

‘What About The Music’ is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

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