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SoStereo powers Pride campaign for Apple

The Brief:

TBWA\Media Arts Lab partnered with SoStereo to find the right track for the ‘As Told By Us’ Pride campaign. Commissioned by Apple, the series commemorates six prominent global locations and historical events within the LGBTQIA+ community with the use of bright, celebratory music.

The Client:

TBWA\Media Arts Lab is no stranger to creating iconic Apple campaigns. Named one of the most innovative companies in advertising, the agency is constantly coming up with exceptional ways to promote the brand. In the past, the agency teamed up with SoStereo for ‘Our Stories,’ a celebration of pioneers during Black History Month.

The Outcome:

With the campaign’s message top-of-mind, we were able to power the spot with a track representative of the meaning of Pride. “Vivid” by Chromonicci elicits bright, colorful emotions to share the story of Window Rock.

The Artist:

Chromonicci replicates abstract art through his versatile music style – and “Vivid” is no exception. Beyond creating & producing music, he proudly advocates for the LGBTQIA+ community.

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