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Sunset & Vinyl

Ever wandered into an LA pizza shop and been immediately transported into a completely different era? Sounds crazy, we know. But as it turns out, people experience this every day at Hollywood speakeasy Sunset & Vinyl.

Sitting on top of a pizzeria on Vine Street in Hollywood is a 1970s rock & roll inspired cocktail lounge, decked out with dim lighting, old school furniture, and record players to match. The speakeasy seats only 35 people, making the uplifting energy even more intimate.

Sunset & Vinyl’s menu features eight theme-inspired cocktails, including ‘Strawberry Fields,’ an obvious ode to the music of the era. But even more important than their cocktails is their ability to bring the 1970s back to life.

Most of the music you’ll hear at Sunset & Vinyl is played on a turntable – and the genre options are limitless. They even encourage visitors to bring their favorite records and give them a spin. On some occasions, you can find low-key live acoustic sets.

This speakeasy can definitely be appreciated by bar-goers and music lovers alike. So if you ever find yourself grabbing a slice at 800 Degrees, be sure to head upstairs and check it out.


As music lovers, SoStereo has a passion for uncovering hidden gems. Sunset & Vinyl’s ability to embrace everything we love about music definitely deserves recognition. 

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