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How to Search

Our extensive tag system is the backbone of our search functionality. Here’s why it’s so powerful:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: With thousands of tags, we encompass a wide array of categories, features, and attributes.
  • Combining Tags: You’re not limited to a single tag. You can combine multiple tags to create intricate queries.
  • Granular Control: Tags allow you to be as precise or as broad as you desire. You can initiate your search broadly and then utilize tags to progressively narrow down your options.

Curated Playlists Tailored to Your Needs

Your added tags will automatically filter our curated editorial playlists

We have hundreds of editorial playlists, and we add more every week!

Our Typing Search: Powerful and Flexible

Whether you’re on the hunt for genres, moods, lyrics, playlists, artists, or specific tracks, our search functionality has you covered. Simply type in your query, and watch as the results pour in from various categories, making it easier than ever to discover the music and content

Lyric Search Made Easy

When you type anything, we will search for lyric matches. You have two options: flexible or exact text matching. Simply click on the one that suits you best, and you can start listening with the lyrics at your side.

Tip: You can also mix it with other tags, such as genres and moods, to refine your search.

Artist Location

Looking for music from a specific country, state, or city? Want to find ex-US artists? Use the Location filter in the advanced filters tab.

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