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Behind The Stereo with Wolves

What’s up? I’m Mark and I’m Sean and we are Wolves, and this is Behind The Stereo.

How did you find your musical style?

By first starting the band Wolves about seven years ago. And once we did that, we knew we wanted to bring a new wave to what stadium music is. And by that, it’s like Queen, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons… We put our own little spin on it, add some hip hop into that sauce into the mix.

Burger or Pizza?

Pizza (both of them.)

What is the most fun and most challenging thing about being a group making music?

The most fun thing about being in the group is when we finish the song, because I get really excited about an idea I might have for Sean. Sean brings me ideas and we put them together. But you never know what’s going to happen until it actually happens…So, the fun part is getting the result. 

The most challenging part of being in this group is just kind of setting up the shows and getting everything in gear and making sure everything works. It doesn’t always happen. And there’s a lot that happens behind the scenes that our fans don’t see. A lot!

Cats or dogs? 

Mark: Dogs.

Sean: Cats.

What inspired you to become an independent group? 

We’re independent artists and we like being independent because we love to be in control of our art.

Who inspires you? Who do you model your sound after?

Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson, obviously Freddy Mercury is the lead singer of Queen, one of the best bands that ever exist. And Michael Jackson is Michael Jackson!

How did you come about your artistic name – Wolves…Does it have some other meaning? 

It just encompasses brotherhood. And I guess sisterhood too, because we’re all, you know, one and the same. It talks about the group being better and more important than the individual.

Hot or cold?

Mark & Sean: Hot.

What is your favorite part of being a SoStereo artist? 

Checks, hahah. It’s just the exposure and the opportunity. We are seeing our music in places that we could have never imagined. And on top of that, the SoStereo team behind the scenes are incredible people.

What has been your favorite placement on SoStereo?

Our favorite placement of SoStereo by far has been the Hyundai Tucson commercial with Jason Bateman doing the voice over over our track “Elevation”. It’s Pretty crazy to see your song with this brand new car, like driving through the woods and everything, playing the background on TV just really crazy!

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