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Apple x SoStereo

How SoStereo music fueled two Apple campaigns in honor of Black History Month and Pride Month.


Apple approached SoStereo with plans for two powerful and distinct campaigns – Our Stories, a celebration of pioneers during Black History Month, and As Told By Us, a commemoration of Pride’s past, present, and future.


For both projects, TBWA\Media Arts Lab wanted to take a dynamic approach to sonic storytelling. Both campaigns spark crucial conversations in celebration of diversity – and they wanted to emphasize that across all aspects of production, including the music. 


That meant that true identity and authenticity was a factor from the start – and SoStereo was expertly prepared to deliver, with over 10K diverse artists and our cutting edge tech. Our in-house creatives compiled a selection of music by hand picking artists that not only fit the creative brief, but were representative of the communities the campaigns were spotlighting. Ultimately, we delivered three tracks by two different SoStereo artists.


“Deep” by Ivy Sole

“Overgrown” by Ivy Sole

“Vivid” by Chromonicci


As a minority owned and led business, SoStereo prides itself on pushing forward the idea that real artists, unlike stock music, can lead the way to a more diverse and representative campaign. With our community of artists, in-house team, and unrivaled technology platform, we are able to help brands execute on this vision.

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