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Brandon Jenner

SoStereo embraces the power of being real. Our artists are real people, with
unique stories and genuine talent. We celebrate authenticity today and
everyday. This month, we are thrilled to feature singer/songwriter Brandon
Jenner, an artist that recognizes the importance of vulnerability.

Who is Brandon Jenner?

Son of Caitlyn Jenner and Linda Thompson, reality TV star Brandon Jenner
has a lot to be recognized for. His music, however, is a staple in his identity.

Brandon’s Journey

Growing up around musicians made Brandon’s passion for music inevitable. At a young age, his musical interest skyrocketed, and he could often be found watching his stepfather, David Foster, in the recording studio. Brandon and his former wife created Brandon & Leah, an indie pop duo. The duo was incredibly successful, with “Showstopper” becoming the theme song for E! Entertainment’s hit show Kourtney and Kim take Miami. Brandon began his solo career in 2016, and his EP Burning Ground soared to over 26million streams on Spotify.


Brandon always felt pressured to live up to his last name, and honest lyrics
quickly became his escape. As his focus shifted from fame to feelings, so did
his music. With a spotlight on vulnerability, Brandon’s lyrics address the raw,
compelling emotions that come with life changing experiences. His website
gives an in depth look at his devotion to opening up and creating music that
makes people feel. “What I really want is for somebody to feel the emotion I
did—to feel better, safer, more inspired, and like the world has meaning.”

– – –

We are so proud to work with artists like Brandon Jenner because they do so much more than create great music: they do good, and they do it with feeling; and we are honored to be a part of his journey.

Marina Hamm

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