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Welcome Gabby: SoStereo Music Analyst

We are so excited to welcome Gabby Marquez to our team. And what better way to get to know her than our ‘2 minutes with’ series…

Where did you grow up, and where do you live now? 

I grew up in Barranquilla, Colombia and I currently live there as well. 

How did you come to work at SoStereo:

I knew Martin, the Creative Manager, from a while back, and he reached out to me in regards to a position available in SoStereo. He thought I might be a great fit for the team as I’m very connected to music and always looking for new sounds, artists, and genres. 

What do you enjoy about working here:

I love the creative environment and the hard-working people surrounding it. We all have a passion for music and its business, and we get to showcase that in our own way. 

What’s your main strength:

I’m very dedicated with the things I do, and I’ll put all my effort into it, even as small as it may seem. 

What was the first concert you saw:

Lady Gaga, 2012. 

A recent project SoStereo has done that you’re proud of: 

I’m still in training, but as I progress within my role as Music Analyst, I hope the catalog and its tags are as accurate as possible, so everything can be looked up correctly. 

What have you been doing in your spare time: 

I love practicing Taekwondo and yoga. If I’m not Djing or learning music production, you might catch me playing video games or reading a book.  

One thing that makes you happy:

Making people laugh; either through a story or a joke, or anything in between. Also, animals!

Tell us something about you that we don’t know:

I dream very vividly most of the time, and I’m trying to practice lucid dreaming. 

What’s the soundtrack to your life:

Melodrama – Lorde.

– – –

Welcome Gabby! We can’t wait to see you develop within our SoStereo family.

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