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The Success Behind Hyundai’s Summer Event Commercial

Hyundai is a name that needs little introduction in the automotive world. For their Summer Sales Event, they rolled out an engaging campaign that had all but one element in place—the music, the secret sauce that turns a good ad into a great one!

Enter Innocean USA, who reached out to SoStereo for that missing puzzle piece. The challenge? To not only find a song by a REAL Artist but also adapt it for a bilingual audience, thereby connecting with both English and Spanish speakers:

SoStereo’s creative squad jumped right in.

Here’s how they played it:

Strategic Deep-Dive: The team scrutinized Hyundai’s brand, the commercial’s mood, and the target demographics to inform their approach.

Tuning the Track: SoStereo’s in-house creative team of composers and producers refined the original song to resonate with the campaign’s vibe in both languages, tweaking tempo and instrumentation but keeping the core groove intact.

Lost in Translation? Nope.: Linguistically agile lyricists came onboard to authentically transpose the lyrics into Spanish, preserving the essence of Hyundai’s Summer Sales Event.

Studio Time: La Felix teamed up with SoStereo to re-record sections of the track, blending in the newly penned Spanish lyrics.

“Make Me Feel Good” by La Felix—  nailed the campaign’s objectives and stirred emotions, all while highlighting SoStereo’s knack for musically adaptive brand messaging.

One standout aspect of this collaboration? A hefty share of the project’s revenue circled back to the artist. SoStereo isn’t just about creating tracks; they’re about elevating real artists and helping more ears discover them. That’s part of our mission: to unlock the marketing clout of genuine artistry in music.

Curious to see how it all came together? Check out the full Hyundai commercial.


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