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New Balance #WeGotNow

The Brief:

When New Balance partnered with Zach LaVine for their ‘#WeGotNow’ campaign, The Rec League approached SoStereo to present the perfect track. The selected music would need to elicit a cool and intriguing vibe to draw in viewers and effortlessly connect Zach LaVine with the brand & campaign.

The Client:

The Rec League is known to work on campaigns that pair brands with successful athletes, including Aura (Anthony Edwards), GymShark (Jada Williams & Amari Bailey), and Autograph (Simone Biles & Wayne Gretzky). To find the perfect track for each of these campaigns, The Rec League teamed up with SoStereo.

The Outcome:

Alongside SoStereo, The Rec League found the perfect track to back the Zach LaVine New Balance campaign. “Troubles” by Sugaray Rayford brought both the energy and groovy ambience without overpowering the campaign’s message.

The Artist:

Grammy nominated American blues singer songwriter Sugaray Rayford was the perfect match – he brightens the musical scene with universal appeal, regardless of personal tastes and trends. He has released six albums to date and was awarded ‘BMA Soul Blues Artist of the Year’ in 2019 and 2020.

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