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Nissan Ariya Case Study

SoStereo simplified & streamlined the music process for TBWA & Fluent360 in their Nissan Ariya campaign launch by licensing the music of 11 artists.


Campaign launches can be tricky. Multiple assets, multiple markets, multiple channels, multiple partners. We’ve all been there. And when it comes to music, the different creative, budgetary, and legal requirements can give the most organized producer raging headaches. 


By partnering with SoStereo, the various agencies working campaign-wide had a reliable resource to streamline & simplify the entire music experience so as to offload the complicated elements and focus on getting the work through the finish line. 

From a creative standpoint, SoStereo’s vast and diverse artist roster made musicalizing the various assets in different markets possible. Need rock and afro-beat music for TikTok? Done. Does the brief include needing music by a Black Artist for the AA-Market spot so as to be fully representative, especially during a BHM launch? We’ve got you covered. With over 12K artists from around the world, SoStereo was able to solve all creative needs by the various agencies. 

In parallel to solving the creative needs, partners need to be assured that they can be covered within their budgets. With SoStereo offering competitive pricing to other stock/music houses and having the ability to pitch music to that fits pre-existing budgets, the producers had the peace of mind of full transparency. They knew before any music was exchanged that everything would fit their budget, and weren’t afraid of their creatives falling in love with music, only to then realize they couldn’t afford it. With SoStereo, that’s never an issue.

Finally, the legal requirements. Like with any integrated multi-pronged campaign, when the light goes green, it’s full speed ahead. Timelines are always tight. So it was a sigh of relief to know that with SoStereo, everything was pre-approved and ready to go for whatever the spots required. Add on top of that fully indemnified and E&O insured, and the brand was able to rest easy knowing they were fully covered no-matter the channel or last minute changes. 


Agency partners were thrilled – from TVC’s, to OLV’s, to TikTok, SoStereo was able to handle it all and license over 12 different songs from 11 different artists across the entire campaign! That’s 11 artists who will be able to repost to their fan-bases, 11 artists who will have extra money in their pocket to record their next single or go on tour and support their art. All part of the mission of SoStereo. 

Check it out! 😎⬇️

@nissanusa How ‘bout all of the above? #NissanARIYA ♬ original sound – Nissan USA

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