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SoStereo Opens In-House Global Marketing Team

Over the past year, (almost to the day) every player in the music and advertising industry has been forced to step up, and focus on finding creative ways to deliver true value.

With 2020 being the best year in company history, SoStereo has achieved record-breaking growth meaning more clients, more briefs, more technology, more label/publisher partnerships, and most importantly more money in our Artists’ pockets.

To this point, we are excited to welcome Abbie May to the company as our Vice President of Marketing, an important addition to our experienced, creative, and passionate team.

Having a solidified platform and service that both brands and artists believe in, was instrumental in making this decision. This newly created role will mark the beginning of an in-house global marketing team; and include the ongoing evolution in the marketing of creative, media, data, and technology. The new VP of Marketing is tasked with its integration and an ambitious growth strategy to boot.

Abbie May brings 10 years of experience in the advertising sector, with an immense entrepreneurial sensibility to building brands and establishing foundational marketing operations. Having previously launched Stanley’s Post in the USA, and continued to advise major local and international brands, we recognized Abbie as having the right mix of strategic thinking, industry know-how, and a passion for all things music & advertising.

Beto Azout, Co-Founder of SoStereo, comments:

“ Now is the time to make the entire market aware of our 7,000 real artists. The addition of the new VP, Head of Marketing, will allow SoStereo to further help brands uplift their stories and content. And prove that using the power of music to help grow their businesses is easier and more results-focused than ever. ”

SoStereo is built on creative excellence, with a phenomenal roster of artists and infrastructure to evaluate the most effective ways for brands to use music.

“ SoStereo have developed a formidable offering, says May. To achieve such levels of growth in one of the craziest years in human history has proved the credibility of their platform and service. I am very fortunate to have access to such a strong team paving the way for our next chapter of creativity. We are only at the beginning of what we can accomplish, and I look forward to working with them as we lead the business into its next phase of growth. ”

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