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Meet the Women of SoStereo, a Company Built on Credibility, Creativity, and a Love for Music

SoStereo has been featuring amazing female artists all month long. As Women’s Month comes to an end, our team would like to pay homage to the women employees of SoStereo. These leading ladies had the opportunity to candidly interview one another and the camaraderie between them is quite remarkable. Three individuals, with three very different roles, each bringing something unique to the SoStereo team.  

Rachel – A&R Manager

Not only is Rachel beyond multi-talented (seriously, there is nothing this woman can’t do), she’s also the life and soul of SoStereo. You’d want to work here just to be able to hang out with her. 

“From the moment that we walked through the SoStereo doors, Rach was there to not only greet us but to be that badass female confidant and support system that we needed.” 

Her love for music is undying as is her love for life. Her energy radiates and shows on a daily basis, she makes work a fun place to be!

She constantly teaches us something new about the industry and is a true friend, someone to rely on both at work and in life. If there is someone you’d want to represent your company in any situation – Rachel’s your gal. *(please don’t poach her if you read this article).

Abbie – VP, Head of Marketing

We met Abbie just a short few months ago and it literally only took one phone call for us to know, that this is a woman that we want by our side. She’s smart, beautiful (inside + out) and has such a positive energy. 

Abbie is someone who will always get the job done and finishes the day with a glass of vino in hand (our kind of gal). She’s got a banging sense of humor which is how we all communicate at SoStereo. 

“I knew we’d get on from the get-go because she’s my amateur hot sauce IG’s biggest fan,” adds Rachel.

Her reputation in the industry is very clear as is her knowledge of it. She’s a creative genius and a business badass and has added awesome international energy to the team. The entire company shifted in an exhilarating way when she arrived, and we look forward to all the fun days ahead, getting the chance to learn from her and most certainly become good friends with her. 

Jane – Freelance Consultant / Executive Producer

Jane is 100% someone you’d want in your lifeboat. She is one of the smartest, fiercest, and kindest souls we know. A self-proclaimed ‘den mother,’ Jane is a true warrior and inspires the team on a constant basis. She always looks out for us and rocks out with us! 

We saw firsthand her ability to lead and close deals, she really knows what it takes to create meaningful partnerships that leave a mark, not only with clients but with her colleagues too. 

She is the first person to make you feel at home when you join the SoStereo team. That’s to say; it isn’t very often that when you start at a job at a new company that someone pulls you aside and tells you that they are there for you, whenever you need it. 

Being given this support system greatly increased our opportunity and drive to succeed.

We’re so lucky to have her to call on still as a freelance consultant, not just because she’s a pleasure to be around, but because she challenges us to think bigger, execute sharper, and always bring passion, sass, and class into whatever she does.

– – –

We can’t wait for the pandemic to lift so we can share a hug and drink with these fabulous ladies!

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