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Pride 2021

There are many definitions of Pride or what it means to be Proud. But our personal favorites are “monumental, sublime, or dignified,” referring to oneself. 

Pride Month is a celebration of the beauty of community. It’s gathering together not just in-person, but also in our hearts, minds, and friendships. It’s celebrating profound connections. Pride is community, love, painful conversations, understanding, support, recognition of hardship, and a party all rolled into one. Pride is about being ones authentic self, with no apologies.

Yet not everyone can be proud of who they are. Not everyone can be ‘out’ at work or be authentic among their families or social circles. It is a unique hardship, not being able to show the world your beauty. Until you experience the discomfort of not feeling accepted or included, you can’t truly understand that feeling. 

How the SoStereo team intends to be an ally. 

Allyship is imperative across society to amplify inclusion and diversity – and not just for the LGBTQ+ Community. Yet by default and circumstances beyond their control, this community falls into the category of being discriminated against, underserved, and underrepresented. But what we say, how we act, and what we think affects us all. 

To be an ally is not simply to support a cause because it’s the right thing to do. It is to step aside for a moment, stepping down from a place of privilege, to listen to the stories of those whose experiences are different from ours. As an ally, we can speak up and speak loudly within our social circles in opposition to the injustice that others face. The hope is that we join forces because the connection we have with each other is the strongest thing we have in this world.

So this month, and every month, we strive to be proud allies and hope that every person will be accepted as their authentic self, be unapologetically human – to live their truth.

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