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Raashan Ahmad: Building a Legacy

The United States recognizes the month of June as Black Music Month. A month dedicated to appreciating the many incredible musical contributions made by Black musicians, singers, songwriters, producers, and composers.

SoStereo celebrates these artists this month, and every month because, without these talented artists, the landscape of music today would be missing an essential spark.

We would like to honor Black Music Month 2021 by spotlighting a very special musician, humanitarian, and heart-of-gold: Raashan Ahmad.

Who is Raashan Ahmad?

Raashan Ahmad is jack-of-all-genres, an experienced dancer, a seasoned MC, a moving lyricist, whose life has been continually shaped by the arts. His childhood in Trenton, New Jersey was rich in music, with family members and friends who exposed him to funk, soul, Motown, and jazz early on.

As a young adult, after moving to LA, Ahmad discovered rap and hip hop through the rise of artists like NWA and Public Enemy. While a student at Berklee College of Music in Boston, he fell in love with rave culture and electronic music.


Music has been more than just a driving force in Ahmad’s life, it has shaped and molded him into who he is and what he loves. Music even led him to one of his greatest passions: activism.

When Ahmad and his family moved to Santa Fe, Arizona in 2013, he began volunteering for Warehouse 21, a nonprofit that provides essential youth arts programming, performance space, and many partnership opportunities to Santa Fe teens. After creating various music-related mentorship programs, he became more involved and is now a board member.

Ahmad is also a Co-Director of Vital Spaces, a nonprofit organization that provides affordable studio space for artists in otherwise vacant buildings. 

He is a founding member of Earthseed Black Arts Alliance, a Black-led organization inspired by the science fiction of the great Octavia Butler and focuses on centering and amplifying Black voices, especially in Northern New Mexico.

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We are so proud of work with artists like Raashan because they do so much more than create good music: they do good. He is creating a legacy that extends far beyond the world of music and we are honored to be a part of his journey.

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