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SoStereo launches “What About The Music” Podcast

The weekly intimate guest speaker series shares unparalleled access to music stories in the ad world you’ve never heard before.

SoStereo, the music for advertising team that matches ‘real artists making real music with brands that want to be remembered,’  has launched a new weekly podcast titled “What About The Music”. Each week, the podcast brings on top tastemakers in the fields of advertising, music, and the creative arts to highlight unique perspectives, trends, and stories about key business lessons. 

Hosted by SoStereo co-founder Beto Azout, topics include everything from music marketing strategy to inside looks at music leaders’ career paths. Guests regularly share insight on music and the connection it has to building strong brands.

“It’s exciting to not only be able to tell the stories of today’s top innovators in the creative arts and advertising sector, but to also have intimate conversations with our partners in the branding and production world,” says Azout.  “We look forward to where this conversation will go and all of the amazing guests we will feature, where they can talk about their business, career, and passion projects.” 

Recent guests include Afterpay’s Chloe Saintilan, Marshall Kuresman of draftLine, Deutsch LA’s Chip Herter, Havas Head of Production Melissa Tifrere and Hailstorm’s Michelle McKinney.

The podcast launched with a 6 episode partnership with Advertising Week NY.

By unlocking the marketing power of music, SoStereo’s mission is to share the power of real music by real artists with other creative professionals, and to make it affordable and available on demand.

“What About the Music” is currently available on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Podcasts, Advertising Week and Little Black Book.

About SoStereo

SoStereo is music for advertising, and makes it easy for artists to expand their reach and diversify their income streams through a variety of platforms. As an advocate for independent artists, SoStereo provides concrete opportunities for artists to expand their reach and earn revenue while building brands. The company has a vast catalog to choose from and has licensed thousands of songs with iconic brands such as Netflix, Zumba Fitness, Nintendo and many more. 


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