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SoStereo X Arts&Letters for Google Nest

The Brief:

SoStereo was approached by Arts & Letters Creative Co. to present a track for the new Google Nest campaign, which would excitingly feature the chosen artists’ album artwork. 

The Client:

Arts & Letters Creative Co. is no stranger to working with major brands such as MSNBC, NFL, and ESPN.  They have worked closely with Google on several projects and previously partnered with SoStereo for the Google Pixel 5a ‘Get More Out of Your Phone’ campaign, featuring tracks from SoStereo artists Captain Planet and BONF1R3.


Arts & Letters Creative Co. had a vision for their ‘Audio Entertainment from Google’ spot – to demonstrate various music artists playing through their Google Nest devices. Not only did the music need to be fun and upbeat, but it also needed to be from a real artist with released music, as the brand had planned on featuring the artist’s album in the spot.


The agency teamed up with SoStereo to find a song that seamlessly met the uplifting energy that they were seeking, with an ultimate goal to showcase real artists – not just stock music. With the objective of helping musicians achieve their dreams, SoStereo was up for the job. And despite such a specific brief, this crucial detail made the music search process simpler. SoStereo was able to offer a track that was relatable and came from real, up-and-coming artists.


With the help of SoStereo, Google released their ‘Audio Entertainment from Google’ spot on September 30th. And in just 6 days, it already had over 114,000 YouTube views. Aside from the success of the campaign, the selected musicians also felt the uplifting effects.

The Artist:

Arts & Letters Creative Co. decided to work with The BGP, an up-and-coming band from the small town of Puyallup, Washington. Their creative inspiration pulls from several genres and styles, paving the way to their success – they were even on Season 6 of America’s Got Talent! The agency landed on 20 Ways by The BGP – a track that perfectly fit the brief.

We met with Brandon Ghorley, member of The BGP, to touch on his experience working with Arts & Letters and SoStereo. Brandon mentioned that musicians typically won’t know that their music is being pitched until the placement is confirmed. This made the Google placement even more exciting for the band members. 

‘We got the email that we had landed it, which was super exciting!’ The excitement grew even stronger when the band viewed the final spot.  ‘To watch the ad and see how the song and even the band is featured in the ad… I mean, that’s a slam dunk!’

Brandon emphasized the importance of this placement, mentioning that their Instagram page saw growth in the weeks following the release of the campaign, in addition to an increase in Spotify listeners.  Brandon even mentioned a significant expansion in the geographical locations of their Spotify listeners. He says that aside from showing their music to the world, the ad also inspired their current fans to continue listening. 

‘We are so, so thankful to SoStereo for making this happen for us!’

SoStereo is so proud to work with such talented agencies, brands, and artists!

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