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The Happy Playlist

A couple of weeks ago, I had lunch with my family at a tapas restaurant. It started raining just when we finished eating, so we decided to stay a bit longer and enjoy the moment together. We had been admiring their great Spanish music selection, which gave way to a very interesting conversation about how important a good playlist is for any occasion.

My sister-in-law found this as a perfect moment to speak of a friend of hers named Paola who got stuck in Spain during quarantine when all airports got shut down. She had to stay in a room by herself, filled with the particular uncertainty that the pandemic brought to our everyday lives. She felt alone and in need of something positive to keep her joy alive. 

So, Paola decided to do something that could help her and also have a positive effect on others. She asked friends from all over the world to send her two songs that made them feel happy and put them together in one Spotify playlist called “In Collab w/ My Friends”. After having added all of them, she sent the link over to each of those friends that participated in her project.

It really is incredible how music has the power to heal. We all have faced moments of solitude and doubt, and music is sometimes all that we need to feel better. The most admirable thing here is that Paola decided to share that playlist with her peers so that they too could feel some hope through music.

This little story had a very positive effect on me, so I thought it important to share it with others and also pay it forward in a certain way. This is why I decided to ask my co-workers here at SoStereo to share with me one song from our platform that made them feel happy in any way, shape or form, and put it together in what I called simply “The Happy Playlist”. May it bring some hope to anyone who listens to it and also work as a reminder that sometimes all we need is music.

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