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SoStereo x DeutschLA for Taco Bell Bliss Campaign

SoStereo is no stranger to DeutschLA, working together on projects for Lowe’s and Real California Milk. Deutsch approached us again, this time to collaborate in selecting the right artist and song for their new three-part Taco Bell Bliss campaign.

After being presented with various artist and song options, Deutsch chose SoStereo artist Cap Kendricks and his atmospheric track “Vino” for all three Taco Bell commercials.

The Client

DeutschLA has established itself as a powerhouse agency, and needs no introduction. Their success is evident in their applaudable work with well-esteemed brands including Walmart, Patagonia, Lowe’s, Taco Bell, and more.

The Brief

Vision: “What is this place? It’s beautiful. Only Taco Bell can help you escape to this flavorful world.”

Mission: find the perfect, ambient track to fit the ethereal aesthetic of the Bliss campaign. Enter: SoStereo.

The Artist

Deutsch selected the dreamy track “Vino” by Leipzig, Germany based SoStereo artist and music producer Cap Kendricks. Cap has produced numerous projects over the years and has had great success in the German hip-hop scene. His eclectic catalog, featuring bouncy hip-hop beats and entrancing electronic elements, is prolific boasting over 55 million streams on Spotify and well over 1 million monthly listeners.

The Process

“Vino” fit the criteria musically; however, the original treatment set out to find a different song for each of the three films. After careful consideration, Deutsch decided that “Vino” would fit each film so perfectly that it was chosen to be in all of the spots! Evolving the process into a more complex song customization need – tailoring Vino to each film’s separate storyline. Something SoStereo is no stranger to.

Continents apart, from Germany to LA to Miami, SoStereo and Cap Kendricks worked efficiently together to customize the song to each individual film, achieving the exact sound Deutsch was searching for. So Fast and So Original.

The Results

Each commercial is beautiful alone but sublime together. The visuals are stunning, and the curious landscape painted in each transports you to another world. Ever so subtly accented by hovering hot-sauce packet butterflies, glowing to-go bag paper lanterns, and burritos delivered by cosmic hang gliders, these three films lift the viewer out of the mundane and into a fantastical Taco Bell utopia.

Connecting each of these spots at their core are the soothing and whimsical sounds of Cap Kendrick’s “Vino”. The visuals and music combined, take over the senses and create the dreamscape Deutsch set out to build.

Check out all three Taco Bell Bliss commercials below:

Taco Bell Chalupa

Taco Bell Primo Burrito

Taco Bell Potatorito

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